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An epic bundle to support you to balance your hormones for good!

Do you feel like something is off with your hormones?!

You're not alone.

In fact, 50% of women struggle with some sort of hormonal imbalance (including formerly yours truly) which is why I created this practitioner-science-backed, life-changing bundle that works to support your cycle + hormones.


Think one month’s worth of delicious recipes, detailed herbs + supplements and effective lifestyle tips to help you optimise every.single.area. (mood, energy, sleep, sex, body love, confidence, fertility, health, happiness) of your life. Plus empowered knowledge like I am right there with you explaining the biochemical process your body goes through every month and throughout your life.

Through this bundle, I’m on a good hot mission to help you balance your hormones through food that actually tastes good and makes you feel good too.

Image by Henry Be

You Are Not Alone


  • 75% of women experience PMS – which is completely preventable.

  • 40% of women experience hormonal insomnia.

  • 85% of women suffer from some degree of hormonal imbalances at least once in their lifetime.


Is this you?


+ Suspect you have a hormonal imbalance but don’t know where to start
+ Struggle with painful, heavy, symptomatic, irregular or missing periods
+ Deal with PMS, bloat, cramping headaches, moodiness or fatigue
+ Are working on getting a healthy cycle back post-birth control
+ Are 6+ months postpartum and want to feel like yourself again
+ Deal with gut conditions or digestive issues
+ Lack energy, motivation, sex drive, confidence or focus
+ Struggle maintaining an effortless, healthy weight
+ Want balanced hormones without sacrificing good food or having fun
+ Need an enjoyable + realistic plan to help you balance hormones + optimise your health 

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  • weight gain

  • a hump of fat between the shoulders

  • unexplained, and sometimes sudden, weight loss

  • fatigue

  • muscle weakness

  • muscle aches, tenderness, and stiffness

  • pain, stiffness, or swelling in your joints

  • increased or decreased heart rate

  • Excess sweating

  • increased sensitivity to cold or heat

  • constipation or more frequent bowel movements

  • frequent urination

  • increased thirst

  • increased hunger

  • decreased sex drive

  • depression

  • nervousness, anxiety, or irritability

  • purple or pink stretch marks

  • blurred vision

  • infertility

  • painful periods

  • thinning hair or fine, brittle hair

  • dry skin

  • puffy face

  • rounded face

  • frequent infections

  • Inflammation

  • Headaches

  • Migraines

  • Fluid retention

  • Hot flushes

  • Mood swings

  • Food intolerances

  • Nausea

  • Vaginal infections

Like many of us ladies (1 in 2 women ) I struggled with symptoms of hormonal imbalance for years, including irregular, heavy, painful (and then missing) periods, major PMS, low energy and fatigue, hair loss, acne, weight gain, constipation + digestive issues, anxiety + depression and insomnia. 

Through consuming a variety of nutrient-dense foods and making simple lifestyle changes, I have been able to help myself and hundreds of female clients  balance hormones, equating to symptom-free periods, stable energy + mood, clear skin, optimised sleep, an effortless healthy weight and increased fertility.

Balanced hormones have literally changed our lives, empowering us to live happier, healthier ones. But the most exciting part is the education and empowerment you get from understanding your hormones, your cycle and your body. You find this new depth of appreciation for yourself like no where else.

Because life is TOO SHORT to live it any other way than fully + vibrantly. And that absolutely includes what you’re eating, because a restrictive, unpleasant diet is NOT a sustainable one especially for your hormones.

Thus every.single.recipe you find in this bundle is designed to be easy (30 minutes or less) and delicious AF, as well as abundant with healing properties to help you balance your hormones, instead of relying on OCP, prescriptions or short-term fixes (diets, cleanses, etc.) for relief. 


So let’s get balancing, shall we babe? Sign up and join me below

Hormone Balance Reset Bundle Suzzi Hartery The Feel Good Society.png

What do you get?

Recorded information session 'Is it my hormones?' that gives you the best understanding on your hormone cycle, education on your life cycle and your hormones + empowered way of thinking about our health. Additionally the key question your body is constantly asking that you need to know about. 

Four eBook Guides:

  • Happy Good Hormones

  • Managing Painful Periods

  • Hormone Balancing Foods

  • Plus Hormone Balancing Reset Plan

In this reset bundle you will get..


+ An overview of the most common female hormonal imbalances to help you pinpoint yours + tailor the plan to your needs
+ The core principles of hormone balance (plus action steps for each)
+ A week by week guide to your menstrual cycle, including
+ What each phase is/how long it lasts & ideal foods to incorporate each week plus core eating principles each week
+ Recommended herbs & supplements each week
+ Recommended exercise & movement each week
+ Recommended lifestyle tips each week (for sleep, stress, etc.)
+ Plan can be downloaded or printed for ease of use


and of course the yummy stuff...


Recipes Are 30 Minutes Or Less, GF/DF:


+ 3 new breakfast recipes each week (+ photos for each)
+ 4 new lunch + dinner recipes each week (+ photos for each)
+ 2 new treat ideas each week (+ photos for each)
+ A printable weekly grocery list including everything needed for recipes (plus all my favourite clean food brands)
+ A weekly meal prep & planning calendar

This is a bundle to help you balance your hormones and optimise your health, happiness, energy, confidence, mood, sleep, sex, fertility and LIFE as a result.

It is intended to nourish you, to inspire you and to help you find joy in eating things that truly work to enhance your hormones and help you feel good. As a result, you may find you naturally lose weight, or that it’s much easier to stabilise a healthy one, without having to restrict foods or deprive yourself. Your hormones absolutely need nutrients to thrive, so eating less will not help them, but eating smart will.


Every single recipe in this bundle is designed to help you optimise the phases of your cycle, support your endocrine system, stabilise your blood sugar and naturally balance your hormones (no matter what signs, symptoms or conditions you may have, there are suggestions on how to tailor to YOUR NEEDS).

Additionally, each recipe takes 30 minutes or less to make, is naturally GF/DF, is SUPER delicious and has a photo (I personally hate it when recipes don’t have photos). 

Typical results include


+ More balanced hormones, empowering you to truly look and feel your best
+ A less symptomatic, more enjoyable period (yes, it does exist!)
+ A major decrease in PMS
+ A more consistent and health menstrual cycle
+ Optimised ovulation and fertility

+ A boost in energy, mood, productivity, libido + brain function
+ An easier to maintain healthy weight
+ Clear, glowing skin
+ Improved digestion (including regular bowel movements, hallelujah!)
+ Elevated mood + confidence
+ Optimised health, happiness + life as a result

My Goodness-Filled Guarantee


Hi, I'm Suzzi Hartery accredited Naturopathic Practitioner, founder of award nominated The Feel Good Society Wellness Clinic.

This bundle was specifically designed with YOU in mind. My goal was to provide the exact same approach I have been successfully using in our naturopathic clinic to help YOU get back into the driver's seat of your own hormone health. It's time we stop wasting time and finally get to the root cause and support your hormones optimally.

Inside this bundle, you'll discover how to uncover the underlying causes of hormone imbalances, the power of comprehensive biochemical knowledge that your body does every single day. Plus the tried and true methods I use to help woman in clinic achieve hormone balance utilising food as a foundation.

Our Good Guarantee:

  • Address the Cause - Identify hidden hormone imbalances as we dive deep into supporting each phase of your cycle understanding the impacts you can do daily towards good hormone balance.

  • Boost Your Success - Using tried and true evidence-based strategies, will help you not only improve your ability to alleviate symptoms but take this throughout your whole life!

  • Avoid the Overwhelm - Avoid the influencer B.S. and get back into the driver's seat of your own health with step-by-step lifestyle and diet plans I have used with one on one clients to regain their health and optimise their hormone health.

If you decide, for whatever reason, that The Hormone Balance Reset bundle is not a good fit for you and you want a refund, all you have to do is reach out within 30 days of your purchase date no questions asked.

IMPORTANT TO KNOW - Once your purchase is made as these are sent out manually to your email provided from 9AM until 5PM Monday - Friday AEST.

Success Stories

Image by Slav Romanov
I really didn't know about my hormone health until I came to see Suzzi. I had symptoms of really bad period pain, irregular cycles and every month felt like someone had taken over my body with mood changes that would be every hour ever really happy or really sad. From working with Suzzi and her providing me many of these resources I am now symptom free, and the ripple effect on my whole health is just amazing! I'm happier, I don't have to take a week off work every month just to get through, I even get the best nights sleep especially before my bleed. Thank you Suzzi I didn't know what normal should be till I found you. 

Sarah W

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