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Your pathway to clearer skin


“The skin is the last organ of elimination. If there's something going on the inside then it's going to show up in your skin.” - Suzzi Hartery

What if you had:


✔ Radiant with glowy skin, healthy hair, and an “I woke up like this!” attitude
​✔ Confident & secure in your body
​✔ Unstoppable because you made a commitment to your health and took charge of your skin concerns


We know acne is a complex condition that can have many causes. Often, it’s a sign that things are out of balance internally, triggering overactive turnover of skin cells, excess oil production, inflammation, and bacteria. Skin issues require an inside-out approach. 


Treat the root cause to heal acne 


We’ll help you identify the cause of your acne, and then tailor a strategy that addresses your hormones, gut and liver health, lymphatic system, genetics, and other possible factors.

Clear skin = more confidence


Acne can be psychologically and physically debilitating, contributing to depression and anxiety. It can take a huge toll on your self-esteem and mental health. But it doesn’t have to.

Better overall health and wellness


We’ll talk about your diet and lifestyle, and the changes that will help to get you on the path to a breakout-free life (and a happier, healthier you!).

The first step to better skin


When you book a consultation, I’ll send you some preliminary health assessment forms to complete. You’ll send these back to me before our first meeting, along with the results of any recent medical tests. This provides me with a basic understanding of your health.

The initial consultation


This is where we dig deep into every aspect of your health. We’ll talk about your diet, your menstrual cycle, digestive health, immune function, mental health, medications - everything. The more detail, the better: this allows me to make realistic, achievable recommendations. 

Right away, we’ll begin creating a detailed plan that works for you. You'll leave the appointment with some nutritional and lifestyle recommendations to get started on. 

Initial consultation includes: 

  • Complete health assessment

  • Detailed personalised treatment plan

  • Functional testing referral if necessary*

  • Prescription of nutritional, herbal and therapeutic supplements*

Follow-up consultations 


Depending on your circumstances two to four weeks later, we will meet for your first follow-up consultation.

By now, you will have implemented some of the diet and lifestyle changes and started on naturopathic supplements. We’ll have the results from any pathological tests I’ve recommended, so we’ll discuss those and your progress so far.

We may need to adjust your prescription, set new goals for your treatment, and schedule future appointments. We’ll also give you an idea of how long it will take to see results.

Follow-ups may include:

  • Reviewing or modifying the next stage of your plan

  • Motivational coaching and education

  • Adjust or repeat prescription of supplements

  • Implementing your next goals

We generally recommend at least three follow-up appointments over 4-6 months, but many of my clients continue to work with us for longer as their health improves.

* Pathology testing and supplements not included in consultation price.

Let's get back to the basics!


Pathology testing


Working with a practitioner and doing the right testing can assist to determine the root cause of your skin condition. When treating the root cause, it will lead to life-changing, long-lasting results. But here is a good bit of knowledge for you now. The main systems compromised in skin issues are:

  • Hormones (imbalance, post-pill, PCOS, thyroid)

  • Gut (IBS, parasite, candida, dysbiosis)

  • Liver (low detoxification, high tox lifestyles) 

  • Nervous system (stress, anxiety, depression)

  • Immune (eczema, psoriasis, rosacea)

  • Lymphatic (waste congestion)

Pathology testing is available as an optional add on to the Inside-Out package including a Hormone Imbalance Check or a Microbiome Check depending on which is relevant to your presenting complaint. 


Microbiome Check - As well as analysing your beneficial and pathogenic bacteria, our comprehensive microbiome test also includes testing for parasites and yeast overgrowth, and also provides an assessment of your digestive markers. This holistic picture provides actionable insights to help you improve your gut health. The Microbiome Check includes:

  • Parasites 

  • Yeasts 

  • Pathogenic bacteria 

  • - Good and bad bacteria 

  • Digestive Markers 

  • Fecael Marcoscopy 


Hormone Imbalance Check - Hormones exert powerful effects on the female body and have a significant role to play in the body's health and wellbeing. Understanding these roles is important if you’re seeking to proactively manage your health. The Hormone Imbalance Check includes:

  • Testosterone 

  • Free T

  • Progesterone

  • LH/FSH

  • SHBG

  • Prolactin

  • DHEA 

  • Cortisol 

  • Insulin 

  • TSH, T3, T4

We break down the tools that have helped my clients go from painful cysts and frustrating hormonal acne to glowing skin that they feel confident about.

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