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Jessica - Fertility
We had been trying for about 2 years.. I have always struggled with irregular cycles and was prescribed clomid by my OBGYN to help me ovulate. She told me that if I didn't get pregnant on clomid in the next three months, I was likely going to need IVF. Something just didn't feel right and I wasn't ready to jump into IVF when I still felt like we didn't really look into my whole case or other options.... [Suzzi] helped me understand my symptoms and allowed me to get the jumpstart I needed. Not only was I starting to get positive OPKs but Suzzi helped me uncover the fact that I had a thyroid condition (Hashimoto's). I was able to get the proper testing and care I needed to address my thyroid health which I believe is why I am now pregnant! No need for IVF!

Andrea - Insomnia

Suzzi has really changed my life for the better!. After years of struggling with insomnia and having finally reached rock bottom after giving birth last year I got a recommendation to see Suzzi. Her advise and remedies are so good. They are surely giving me my life back and also giving me the tools I need to maintain a healthy lifestyle for both myself and my family. She has a wealth of knowledge and a down to earth personality which makes her advise very easy to follow.

Lisa - Perimenopause

Suzzi has helped me enormously for my menopause symptoms from night sweats to hot flushes. Thanks to her skills and knowledge I have been able to avoid taking the HRT route, which I really didn’t want to do. As well as being highly skilled, she is also warm, caring and understanding – all of which are very important qualities in a health practitioner. I’m extremely grateful to have had her working with me during this phase of my life.   

Michelle - Reactive arthritis
Michelle never anticipated a bad case of food poisoning would lead to a lifelong joint condition. Her doctor diagnosed her with reactive arthritis and after a few months of experimentation, Michelle finally achieved remission thanks to diet and lifestyle approaches.


Amy - Uveitis
Amy has been managing uveitis for more than 10 years with daily steroid use. This side effects caused her vision to start to deteriorate, Amy explored other options. Adrenal-balancing diets such as TFGS helped her come off steroids completely.


Katie - Hypothyroidism
Katie’s autoimmune journey begins with trauma in her early life, leading to weight loss, weight gain, falling “off the wagon” and getting “back on” for many years. No longer struggling with weight and has released trauma and excess safety weight. 

Kelly - Dysmenorrhoea

Suffering from constant period pain, after treating with nutritional and herbal support for a few months Kelly no longer gets any period pain. Her mood and digestion has improved as well and her cycle has gone from 21 days to 28 days.


Meg - Celiac, chronic fatigue & IBS
Meg had been living with severe symptoms for as long as she could remember but doctors continued to tell her they were “all in her head.” That’s when she took healing into her own hands and came to see us in clinic. 


Jacqueline - Mixed connective tissue disease
Jacqueline was an eager uni student when she found herself bedridden. We helped her understand her body’s signals and regain the spark she thought she’d lost forever.


Andrea - Chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia syndrome
In her 20s, Andrea exercised regularly and was baffled when her energy began to decline and her joint pain increased. Soon she was almost completely sedentary. We were the relief she’d been seeking for nearly two decades.


Daniella - PCOS & hypothyroidism
Daniella spent years trying every natural remedy under the sun, but it wasn’t until she embraced TFGS lifestyle components that her health finally improved — and she became pregnant.

Simone - Hormonal Acne

Simone got off birth control (was on it for 5 years) and started getting acne all over her body, face, back, chest and tailbone. She was absolutely so consistent with taking her treatment protocol everyday and her skin has never been clearer, breakouts are now minimal and more associated to what she eats.


Nicole - Psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis & chronic nausea
Nicole’s research background meant she couldn’t help but take a scientific approach to her recovery. But while finding the “answer” was her goal, her greatest lesson has been that healing is not linear.


Cherene - Hashimoto’s & peri-menopausal
Cherene’s symptoms of weight gain, hair loss, night sweats, and extreme mood swings responded to the Levothroid her endocrinologist prescribed, but it wasn’t until she started the TFGS protocol that her fatigue finally went away and symptoms elevated.


Laura - Rheumatoid arthritis
Laura’s life turned upside down when a swollen knee turned out to be rheumatoid arthritis. After years on medication, followed by the changes of motherhood, she found her symptoms getting more severe. Until she changed her diet and saught support to reduce symptoms and become pain free.


Brandi - Crohn’s disease
Brandi didn’t talk to anyone about her crippling digestive symptoms; she thought they were “normal.” It wasn’t until she began healing from Crohn’s Disease and three simultaneous infections that she realised what “normal” really feels like and undertook mindset tracks to support her healing journey.


Adina - Hypogammaglobulinemia & colitis
Adina spent more than a decade visiting every kind of healer, but her rare condition baffled them all. She went from distrust and frustration with her body, to acceptance and grace.


Renee - Hashimoto’s
Allergies, lethargy, low body temperature, skin legions — Renee's seemingly unrelated symptoms baffled doctors for years. It was at her darkest hour that Renee attending clinic finally led her toward understanding autoimmunity and seeking natural health support.


Lyndsey - Polyarteritis nodosa
When Lyndsey’s doctors couldn’t make sense of her disparate symptoms, she cycled through incorrect diagnoses. Her recovery has been slow going, which makes her turnaround even more inspirational.


Vickie - Myasthenia gravis & epilepsy
Vickie’s wellness journey began more than 40 years ago when, at age 14, she was diagnosed with epilepsy. It wasn’t until she saw us that she finally found her perfect balance of conventional, natural and self-led treatments with TFGS. 

 If you’ve experienced healing thanks to TFGS methods and support and would like to share your success recovery story, please fill out the submission form

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