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Here at The Feel Good Society we also recognise that men’s health is just as important as women’s health and that the individualised treatment is vital for the attainment of optimal health. Cause Men often don't talk about their health enough unless it reaches critical mass. Our main goal is to stop the little health issues from becoming big problems in the future.

The Feel Good Society is a place to be heard and healed, naturally and effectively. 


At The Feel Good Society we offer men's health support towards various health concerns which respond well to Naturopathic therapies including:

  • male infertility

  • prostate enlargement

  • skin concerns

  • aches & pains

  • gut disturbances

  • haemorrhoids

  • bladder weakness (incontinence)

  • stress

  • fatigue

  • low mood

  • anxiety

+ many more concerns you (or your loved one) might be experiencing.



"If you are struggling with any kind of skin issue, I highly recommend The Feel Good Society. Just by taking a glance at my skin issue, Suzzi knew the cause and conducted a meticulous investigation of my past health, to find the exact cause. I suffered really bad acne and also psoriasis breakouts. After Suzzi provided my treatment protocol I made a quick and full recovery following her instructions while also improving my digestion, and overall health in just 3 consultations. My skin has never looked this good. Suzzi is kind, caring and undoubtedly qualified to address any skin issue you may have. I am glad to have found her!" – L. S.



"After suffering from chronic pain for many years and getting fed up with medications that don't seem to work, I decided to give naturopathy a try. I really struggled to get out of bed, back pain, hip, knees and even my knuckles. It was exhausting. But I have been super impressed with the professionalism, knowledge and guidance towards my symptoms. Suzzi helped organise tests and then explained results which were like a huge sigh of relief to understand what was occurring and why. I don’t know how much longer I could have gone on without finding Suzzi! She explains everything in a way that is so easy to understand and implement. My pain is now less then most days and if it does flare up (due to my love of certain foods) I now know what I need to do before and after indulging. I’m excited to see how much more improvement there is to come and I can't tell you the ripple effect it's had on my relationship with my family." - D. J.


“Up until three months ago, I was your typical 49-year-old tradesman – a little overweight but thought myself pretty healthy. I would eat a full pub lunch every day, come home have a couple of cans of beer to wind down, another couple with dinner which was some sort of meat & always with chips & peas, and then have another couple of beers watching TV. Then a severe bout of gout changed all that – I tried everything the doctor could give me but nothing worked. I even stopped drinking for a month or two but that made no difference.


So I was in a desperate state - that’s when I found The Feel Good Society. I was very sceptical and the first thing I said was 'I’m not stopping drinking beer – cause I enjoy it'. So Suzzi listened and instead of saying 'well you have to' – she was astute enough to try a different tact. She told me that if we could control my diet then I could still enjoy a beer – in moderation. So I left – armed with detox power, fish oil & a natural anti-inflammatory. To give myself credit – I modified my diet straight away – no red meat - lots of vegetables, no potatoes or white bread & even mid-strength beer.


Now three months later I eats an almost vegetarian diet – except for the occasional chicken, don’t eat processed foods, eats only organic vegetables – and I still drink beer – but the difference is my gout is gone, I’ve lost 3 kgs, sleep better, don’t feel bloated & have loads of energy. Suzzi is brilliant – the difference is she listened & tailored my treatment to suit my lifestyle and not the other way around. She preached moderation and set guidelines and I was able to adapt these to suit me and learn myself what I could eat & the “magic potions” she gave me have helped me to live a healthier lifestyle – and now I am her biggest advocate telling anyone who will listen how she changed my life.” – C. M.

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