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A 21 day journey designed to experience the ultimate health reset. 

With festivities always around us, health programs are flung around like magical quick fixes. Sure, ‘twas is always the season to celebrate, but chances are your liver isn’t loving life right now. A week of fasting is like putting a band-aid on a broken leg. Instead rash decisions that will only make you ditch resolutions real fast, this time, you could opt for a sustainable solution. 


If you are looking for a comprehensive detox program? One that covers all bases, undoing years of unhealthy habits and toxin exposures, equipping you with the tools needed to stay on track long term? 


One that helps you hit that reset button with excitement?


The Liver Love Program is a 21-day reset and learning experience for those looking for a self-directed online course. Whether it’s your first toe-dipping into the wonderous world of health or you’re a holistic guru, the Liver Love Program is for you. The course is divided into three clear stages, making it easily digestible for anyone.

Liver love Program The Feel Good Society Suzzi Hartery
Liver love Program The Feel Good Society Suzzi Hartery

The Liver Love Program

What you get:

  • 21 days of education and guidance

  • Downloadable resources not just for liver health but also for gut health, happy hormones and weight release

  • 1 live FAQ session with qualified naturopaths

  • A personalised product in powder or tonic form

  • Optional: Personal food advice session

Give your liver some lovin’ throughout three phases:


1. Release + Encourage

Dust off your gel pens and notebooks ‘cause it’s time for Liver Love 101. Education is key when aiming for a long-term solution, and that’s what this first stage is all about. 


Learn about how your body detoxes, which symptoms are big red flags, and how to promote optimal detoxification. After this stage, you’ll know about your five detoxification systems and how food choices can promote or sabotage your health and progress. 


This stage additionally reveals the underlying causes of common complaints we at The Feel Good Society see in clinic. Who hasn’t experienced a headache, puffy face, acne, or dark circles under our eyes at some point? Instead of spending a fortune in a frenzy on beauty products and shapewear, learn the actual way to resolve these issues. 


Spoiler alert: it’s by supporting our body’s detoxification pathways! Our five detoxification systems work around the clock to smash toxins, so you better treat them right. How you may wonder? Time to get practical. 


2. Adjust

Now that you’ve learnt the ropes of your body’s detoxification process, it’s time to give in to your cravings. Not that tub of ice cream you think you need, but the deep cravings your body actually needs. It’s not just about swapping some diet choices and chucking out junk food. It’s about supporting your body in a way that creates the best working environment for your detoxification pathways to function to the best of their ability.   


A humongous factor here is our gut. A naturopathic program that doesn’t include gut health? Impossible. Here’s the deal: a “leaky” or flattened gut lining doesn’t absorb nutrients effectively, including those nutrients much needed for your detoxification pathways. It allows toxins that should be eliminated to enter the bloodstream, and that’s bad news.


But there is good news here! 


Additionally, you’ll learn how to take as many environmental toxins from your everyday life out of the equation, reducing your body’s burden even further and support your beautiful liver and body health even further. 


3. Sustain

You’ve learned about detoxification pathways, giving your body what it needs, and abolishing environmental toxins. Now what? Class dismissed? Not yet! Arguably the most crucial stage is Sustain, which is all about your future. 


Say goodbye to crash cleanses that give you a quick fix – we’re building lifelong habits around here. Remember: slow and steady well informed wins this health race. 


The Sustain phase delves deep into the nitty-gritty of your diet. Where does your food come from? How does it affect your blood sugar? How do you tame those junk food cravings? You’ll learn to truly listen to your body and eat consciously. 


This requires a shift in your mindset. Instead of scratching the surface, we’ll help you to go deep. In this final stage, we encourage you to consider your health goals, emotional state and stress levels by getting self appreciative and a little critical. The answers you’ll find in Sustain are important from the questions we ask as they will be the ultimate motivation to work towards optimal health. 


So taking you from feeling sluggish, blah, bloated, irritable, tired all the time to renewed energy, better sleep, weight release, happy hormones and a healthy body. 

Liver love Program The Feel Good Society Suzzi Hartery

What Will I Learn In This 21-Day Program?

  • The biology of your detoxification pathways, including what makes a “toxin” and how Phase I and II liver detoxification work.

  • Your body’s defences and how environmental toxins harm your body.

  • How to tell when your detoxification pathways need extra support.

  • Foods that benefit detoxification pathways 

  • Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and how to prevent or treat it.

  • Why healthy blood sugar metabolism is essential for liver health. 

  • Ways to fight sugar cravings and reduce bloating, skin breakouts and unhappy hormones.

  • The importance of your NRF2 pathway in detoxification and cooling inflammation, and how to support it.

  • Metabolic and environmental toxins. 

  • Kidney health support – they need love too! 

  • Signs and symptoms of a leaky gut. 

  • The roles of gut bacteria and elimination play in detoxification.

  • How to support oestrogen metabolism and clearance in the gut.

  • Non-toxic alternatives to home and personal care products. 

  • Important steps in reducing toxic load. 

  • How to reduce your exposure to environmental toxins at home and in the outside world. 

  • Why emotional balance and improved stress management benefit biochemistry. 

Our Goodness-Filled Guarantee


We want you to feel amazing about investing in yourself and your health with this program.

That’s why we are offering a complete money-back guarantee.


If you purchase and realise that it’s not right for you, we’ll refund your entire purchase price — no hard feelings.

Simply email us ( within 14 days of purchasing, and one of our awesome team members will be in touch to organise your refund. That’s how confident we are that you’ll love this program as much as we do!

Liver love Program The Feel Good Society Suzzi Hartery








Who is this program for?

Anyone needing a lasting reset to boost well-being and promote an overall feeling of health. 


What signs indicate my body’s detoxification pathways need support?

Signs of compromised detoxification pathways could include: fluid retention (which could result in bloating), acne, a puffy face, dark circles under your eyes, hot flashes during the night, waking up around 2/3AM feeling overheated, feeling sluggish, irritability, feeling tired, a daily energy dip at the end of the afternoon, mood swings. 


What are the benefits of the 21-day Liver Love program?

After following the Liver Love program, you walk away with the tools to create more energy, a stronger immune system, better digestion, balanced hormones, and healthy body weight. Plus good sustained energy and mental clarity.* 


What’s included with the Liver Love Program?

The Liver Love Program includes 21 days of education and knowledge sharing, downloadable resources, a live FAQ session with a naturopath, and a personalised supplement. Optionally, you can receive advice about the best foods for your specific needs.**


How fast do I see results?

Bear in mind this is a sustainable long-term solution rather than a quick fix. The Liver Love program sets you up for lifelong success. That being said, if followed correctly, you can significantly reduce the amount of toxins in your body in as little as seven days.


Does the Liver Love Program help me lose weight? 

Although weight loss isn’t the main aim of this program, the Liver Love program will help you reach and maintain a healthy weight for your body. Depending on your current lifestyle, this may or may not mean you will lose weight during the program. We will also share access to our Weight Release Guide and other client resource tools too. 


Does the Liver Love Program help me heal my gut?

We absolutely support you achieving good gut health! The Liver Love Program is centred around the liver and gut, as it plays a vital role in your overall well-being. If you experience symptoms of a leaky gut, the Liver Love Program will help you significantly reduce these symptoms. Plus you’ll also get access to our Good Gut Guide. 


Does the Liver Love Program help me balance my hormones?

Yes! Since the Liver Love Program is a comprehensive program that looks at your habits in depth, following the program may result in a hormonal balance due to the liver and gut’s function in hormone health.*


What are the signs of a leaky gut? 

Signs of a leaky gut could include: Chronic bloating, diarrhea or constipation, symptoms of nutritional deficiencies, tiredness, brain fog, headaches, confusion and difficulty concentrating, skin issues such as acne, rashes, or eczema, and/or joint pain. 


What are the signs of a hormonal imbalance?

Signs of a hormonal imbalance could include: irregular periods, hair loss, heavy periods, hot flashes, fatigue, unexplained weight gain or loss, anxiety, mood swings, PMS, breast tenderness, and/or increased headaches. 


When does the Liver Love Program start?

That’s totally up to you – we officially kick-off on the 11th January and as it’s an online course, you can start the Liver Love Program at any time after your purchase from this date. Although it’s designed as a 21-day program, you can follow along at your own pace. 


How do I get my Liver Love Powder?

Once we kick off you’ll be sent a questionnaire to complete and then your personalised powder or tonic will be made-up and mailed to you at no extra charge. You’ll get emailed a full list of what is being loving put into your personalised mix with the option on your intake form to tell us if you would like a power or tonic. Tonics last 2.5 weeks depending on your dose and powders are around 21 days. These can be refilled with cost details being around $60-$90 depending on your initial bottle ingredients.  


Is the Liver Love Program fully remote? 

Yes, you can follow the Liver Love Program from anywhere you’d like. The live FAQ session with an assigned naturopath will be recorded and will take place over Zoom. 


How long do I have access to the program?

You have access to the course content from our online platform for an additional 21 days after we finish. After this a new program when we open will be required. This is to help support your initial commitment and motivation to be a program that you fully complete and feel proud about when done. You’ll always have access to the downloadable content you’ve been given as these are valuable keep resource guides that we highly recommend sharing with your loved ones too so they know why you are empowering your health choices too. 


What happens when I go to purchase the program?

You will be asked to select the Liver Love Program then you will be asked to select a date. Don't worry though this is just the system we use and is utilising our initial intake form so we can prepare your treatment product and also get your access into the program sorted. Your greens powder will be sent once you've completed your intake form or one week after your start date. Again don't worry about the date and time selection on your purchase it's just the system we use and not an official appointment. 

I have other questions I’d like to have answered how - how do I get in touch?

We love when you have questions and want you to feel supported. Simply email us at and we’d be happy to respond. 

Ready to join our Liver Love Program and experience the ultimate health reset? 

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