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What does The Feel Good Society do?


Spoiler-alert: make you feel good! We’re your ally on your journey towards feeling your very best. As massive fans of herbalism, we’re shouting the effective support of everyday wellness and long-term balance from the rooftops all day, err’ day. 


Enough about us; we’d love to get to know you a bit more! Our online wellness questionnaire makes it easy-peasy, like we’re speed dating. Which, we’ll carefully curate your personal formula that equals the best version of yourself. It’s like having your very own wellness elixir personalised to you. Isn’t that cool? 


This mixture will aim to keep stressors at bay that could be interfering with your body’s innate ability to heal. When taken daily, your Daily Herbal Formula will help you get on with feeling great.


We won’t leave you hanging with just your potion; remember how we mentioned we’re your ally? We’re with you every step of the way, kind of like a well-informed friend you can summon every month for some kick-ass health advice. Whether you need your formula modified, you have us to talk to about your health concerns and goals.


What makes The Feel Good Society different?


We care about the bigger picture. You know, the one you’ll only see when you get to take a step back and take everything into account. We recognise everybody is unique, and take your psychological, functional, and structural aspects into account. Add up our genuine desire to help our clients, and you get the gist of what we’re all about!


Many of us are on this continuous quest to feel good, only to be let down by previous healing methods. Or worse; having a glimmer of hope, only for it to collapse like a house of cards after the initial short-term success wears out. Well, not on our watch! We are all about understanding why your body is behaving the way it does, and finding a solution that’s based on your uniqueness.


Our formulas are created from an extensive range of practitioner-grade liquid herbal extracts, which we use to create your personalised high strength Daily Herbal Formula. We are all well studied in the art of medical herbalism here too and the herbs we choose have therapeutic evidence of clinical actions which means that they work!


Is The Feel Good Society Australian?


Yes, The Feel Good Society is 100% owned and operated in Australia. 


What is a Herbal Formula?


Our liquid Herbal Formulas may seem tiny, but these powerhouses pack a punch! The highly personalised and potent herbal formula promotes and maintains balance in your body, one daily sip at a time.  


The herbs are carefully hand selected and have therapeutic evidence of clinical indications and actions. In laymen’s terms: they work like a charm! Our blends target areas such as the nervous system, immunity, gastrointestinal function, muscular, respiratory system, inflammation, urinary, and general health. 


By bottling them up into liquid herbal formulas, you can easily bring them along and take your daily dosage confidently. 


Are there any nasties in your formulas, such as artificial preservatives or colours?


Nope! Our herbal extracts are ethanol based and contain no gluten, no yeast, no wheat, no lactose, no milk derivatives, no artificial preservatives, no artificial colours, and no artificial flavours. In other words: you’re A-Okay with our liquid herbal formulas if you’re vegan, lactose free or gluten intolerant.


What is the Wellness Questionnaire?


The online Wellness Questionnaire is designed to help us build a picture of who you are and how you’re feeling. It contains around 40 questions and is focused on six pillars:

  • Hormones

  • Immunity

  • Inflammation

  • Gut

  • Stress

  • Liver


The answers you give are strictly personal and will only be used by our natural health practitioners. One of our wonderful naturopaths will analyse your answers to find a match between your needs and the best combo of herbs. 


How are my herbal extracts selected?


Based on the answers you give during the questionnaire, we’ll have a look and match our herbal extracts with the areas that need restoring and balancing. One of our qualified naturopaths will delve into these areas and our herbal formulas to see which ones suit your personal needs best. This detailed mapping process will eventually lead to a unique prescription that will tackle your concerns and boost your overall well-being. 


What is a Telehealth Consultation?


You can think of our Telehealth Consultations as a chat with a good friend. One who knows your body well, and wants you to thrive in all aspects of feeling good. Whether it’s a video call or a voice call, that’s completely up to you. These consultations are vital to gaining a deeper understanding of your body and what it needs to tap into its innate healing power.


In abut 15 minutes you’ll talk through your questionnaire with one of our qualified naturopaths. During this call, your naturopath gets some extra snippets of information from you, and you’ll get to learn more about what your Daily Herbal Formula is working on in that glorious body of yours, and why. Talk about a win-win!


You’ll get a free Telehealth Consultation every time you purchase a Daily Herbal Formula and for each monthly subscription.   


How to book a Consult?


Once you have placed an order you will immediately receive an email that gives step-by-step instructions on how to book your Telehealth Consultation. If you encounter any tech issues or just need some guidance, you’ll have an email address to reach out to.


What is a subscription?


Make sure you always have your herbal goodness on hand by subscribing to receive a monthly reoccurring supply of your Daily Herbal Formula (230ml). Don’t worry; we understand your needs may change over time. As soon as your questionnaire responses change, we’ll alter your prescription and adapt to your personal needs.


Don’t want to commit to a subscription just yet? You’re always welcome to make a single purchase of your Daily Herbal Formula (480ml).


This all sounds awesome! How much does it cost to sign me up?


  • Daily Herbal Formula single purchase $90 (includes one telehealth consultation)


  • Daily Herbal Formula monthly subscription $79.95 (per month, includes monthly telehealth consultation, cancel anytime)​


Who are The Feel Good Society practitioners?


We are a dedicated and compassionate team of evidence-based natural health practitioners (naturopaths). We prescribe, compound, and dispense our personalised Daily Herbal Formulas. We are devoted health professionals with years of training, a duty of care and a passion for health. We want you to live your most vibrant, sassy, and fabulous life. We love being there on the sidelines, supporting you every step of the way!


What is the dispensary?


See it like our little wizard’s cave. Our dispensary carries an extensive range of high-strength liquid herbal medicine tinctures. TFGS practitioners use the to create your Daily Herbal Formula. Got visuals of Professor Snape teaching Potion class? Well, not to make you jealous, but it’s a lot like that (but make it herbalism). 


What is a herbal monograph?


The so-called herbal monographs describe the herbs that are used in the herbal extracts. You’ll find the botanical name, family, and commonly used parts. Most importantly the monograph describes the clinical uses of each herb, the actions, and the cautions. A copy of these can be made available on request. 


We see our whole process as a collaboration between us and you, so we think it’s super important that you know exactly what’s going on in your formula. This way you get to take control over your own health, feeling empowered with knowledge about herbal medicines and your own body. 


What is the black substance in my tincture dropper?


It’s actually a sign of greatness! This is something we look for as a sign of potency upon extraction of specific herbs. The appearance of concentrated compounds on the tincture's dropper is a normal result of our small batch extraction and percolation process, especially when it comes to herbs like St. John’s Wort in the Mood Aid supporting daily dose, or Valerian Root in our Sleep Aid daily dose. This precipitation is a natural occurrence as it indicates the concentration of active compounds.


Do I need to refrigerate my products?


None of our products require refrigeration. But, think of them as powerful sleeping giants who prefer a nice cool cave - store them somewhere dark and away from direct heat and light.


What is the shelf life your products?


Turn your formula bottle upside down (make sure the cap is screwed on!) to find a manufacturing date (MFG) stamp. The rule of thumb is that each formula is good for two years after this date. 


How does the Wellness Wholesale Club work once I purchase?


You'll get a welcome email, advising you've been added to our wholesale partner Here you will need to activate your account. If you already have a naturopath you'll need to send through script details for request practitioner only prescribed (POP) products, otherwise have had an initial consultation with us to access POP products. For any non-related POP products simply request these to be added to your script. Important stock, postage, costings are not controlled by us. Any delivery enquires will need to go directly through's contact page: If you have any questions please do reach out vita our contact page or email once your order is placed. No refund is available for this membership due to being a digital product. 


Why does The Feel Good Society prefer using fresh plant herbal extracts?


We believe that fresh plant liquid herbal extracts have an unrivalled vibrancy and will always opt for them when sourcing is available. Our seed to bottle approach means that the herbal extraction process happens within 24 hours of harvesting, capturing the active constituents in a super-potent concentrated liquid.


Why does The Feel Good Society prefer using organic herbal extracts?


Like true naturopaths, we are aware that there is no planet B. Therefore, we believe herb purity and ecological responsibility are equally part of the game. Fewer pesticides and heavy metals are a win on its own, but additionally, we believe organic production improves the medicinal quality of a herb. 


The most potent herbs come from land that is cared for in an earth-centred way. Organic products are grown without chemicals which means there aren’t any trace chemicals in the herbs - one less thing for your already overloaded body to deal with! 


Plants grown without pesticides are also naturally stronger and more resilient due to the competition in the soil matrix. Our herbs produce thousands of compounds and invest vast amounts of metabolic energy in order to survive and thrive. Which means that there are more survivin’ and thrivin’ elements distilled straight into your formula. In monoculture and sterile cultivation, the plants don’t have access to a wide variety of nutrients, so don’t use their energy creating these metabolically expensive compounds. 


Essentially, our organic herbs are naturally more potent than their pesticide grown counterparts, ergo: you will become more potent and powerful when you ingest them!


What does the Liquid Herbal Medicine Tincture taste like?


Let’s not sugar-coating things – it’s not a Mary Poppins with a spoonful of sugar situation (but we can teach you how it can be - just ask anytime). We don’t use any artificial sweeteners or flavours, which means you’ll taste a natural flavour. We suggest mixing it with water or your favourite juice to water down the taste. But hey, no pain, no gain. Bottoms up! 


What is “Your Formula & Details”?


“Your Formula” displays your current personalised herbal details, allows you to retake the wellness questionnaire, review your subscription status, view order history, and amend personal account information including updating your medication.


What is a Duty of Care question?


Naturopaths are all-round caring people, and it’s our duty and delight to take care of you based on accurate information. That includes information on your other medication. The Duty of Care question makes sure we are fully informed and equipped to serve you safely.  


What are the directions of use?


To avoid you mistaking your Daily Herbal Formula for one of those cheeky champagne miniatures at a hotel minibar, we’ve lovingly place a convenient label to your bottle. It shows you what your formula contains, and how to take it. We usually recommend 15ml of the Daily Herbal Formula taken daily with food, either dropped straight into the mouth (say ahhhhhh) or in a little water or juice.


From what age do you prescribe your Liquid Herbal Medicine Tinctures?


We prescribe to those over the age of 16. Anyone under the age of 16 will not be able to receive a Daily Herbal Formula Subscription but will require an initial consultation.


What are the health warnings and cautions for herbal medicines?


  • Some herbal extracts can affect the way prescription medications work, so please seek advice from your doctor and check any contraindications.

  • Use with caution if pregnant or breastfeeding. 

  • It is essential to check you are not allergic to the herbs prescribed or ethanol. 

  • If symptoms persist, always talk to a health professional. 

  • Keep out of reach of children.

  • Do not use if the bottle is received with the protective seal is broken. 

  • Shake well before use and store below 30 degrees centigrade, away from direct sunlight, in a cool, dry place. 

  • Contains ethanol.


What if I am using conventional medicine?


The Feel Good Society does not attempt to diagnose chronic or acute health issues; please do not replace conventional medicine only with herbal medicine causing along with us consulting your doctor with any health issues of concern is our top priority for your wellness goals. We recognise that conventional pharmaceutical medicine is good at dealing with acute illness, injuries, and symptom control. We believe that together we are stronger and support integrated approach of natural and conventional medicine, so please obtain medical advice from your doctor especially if taking prescription medications before taking herbal medicines alongside prescribed medication.


Why do we do what we do?


In short; to allow you to have a vibrant and fulfilled life. 


In not-so-short; Our long-term approach helps with ‘lifestyle diseases’ related to a world dominated by stress, pollution, congestion, processed food, and a sedentary lifestyle. We want to equip people with the right tools to know how their own body deals with these life and daily stressors. Understanding your personal health and wellness journey empowers you to take positive steps towards a vibrant and fulfilled life.


What is the Company’s name & address?


The Feel Good Society - PO Box 7060 Gold Coast Mc QLD. 

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