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Over 3500+ high-quality natural health solutions at your fingertips ...


Strategic lifestyle, behavioural, and dietary choices are all powerful tools in your holistic journey. 

Still, more often than not, achieving optimal outcomes requires added support. Supplements and complementary medicines can be powerful additions to your naturopathic program: a targeted system of natural therapeutic and nutritional remedies to assist as you do the heavy lifting.


What is is your licensed pharmacy, trusted retail naturopath, and top-quality health food store—all in one convenient online platform.

It helps bridge the gap from a plan into action by making the therapeutic and nutritional supplements you need available right from the convenience of home.

With, you can fill out your script, explore other all-natural lifestyle products under expert guidance, and get your order delivered to your doorstep.

900+ Raving Reviews


" I love this service. Long gone are the days of having to run around to different shops, trying to find the exact practitioner-only supplements I need. I am able to simply order a script [refill] online and anything I would normally find in a health food store, and with just a few clicks get it delivered to my home without having to make extra appointments. This has made my life so much easier."

- Hanna H

Why You'll Love


Convenience made affordable

Not only does pride itself on extremely competitive product pricing, but it also provides affordable options on postage (including FREE express delivery on your first order!).

Gold-standard service

You can rely on prompt, responsive, and professional delivery on each order. goes the extra mile to ensure that your items arrive complete and in excellent condition while keeping environmental impact to a minimum.

Simple, stress-free system

Practitioner-only products are added straight to your account after your consultation. From there, you can simply fill out your eScript and check out your order.


One-stop shop carries over 3500+ products, from therapeutic and nutritional supplements to functional foods, clean beauty essentials, and healthy pantry staples. Not only can you get your script filled, but say goodbye to running around from one health food store to the next as well!

Committed to quality

Beyond carrying an impressive breadth of products, stands firm in its commitment to exceptional standards, offering only brands that are backed by science and trusted by experts. Suzzi Hartery The Feel Good Society.png

How It Works

1 - Book a consultation with us here to map out your holistic health plan.

This will include determining how supplements and other complementary support products can help achieve your specific desired outcomes.

2 - Recieve eScript

After your session, you will receive an eScript with your order. Your naturopathic practitioner has already added recommended remedies you need straight to your account—all you have to do is head to the platform and review your order.


3 - Review eScript

Sign in to your account to review your order. You can also browse through other available items for anything you might need and add these to your cart for your naturopath to review.


4 - Fill eScript

Check out your cart and get your orders delivered straight to your doorstep within as little as 24 hours.

Already Have An Existing Holistic Plan?

Simply email your current script details with product lists and dosage details to have supplements delivered straight to your door.


Clients with an established holistic plan [from internal or external practitioners] will gain access to the practitioner-only and retail items. This is also an ideal service for dispensing Artisinal Herbal Blends, where we tweak doses of formulas based on individual needs. How good is this?

Next-day delivery on over 3500+ products

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