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Wanting to conceive

Are you wanting to conceive your very own little bundle of joy? These exciting times can often be overshadowed by looming thoughts filled with what-ifs. With your fertility directly reflecting your health and well-being, so you can thrive in conception and beyond. And that’s where The Feel Good Society comes in.


Did you know that if you feel at your very best, mentally, physically and emotionally, you’re also at your most fertile stage?


So many factors at bay may sound overwhelming, expecting you to juggle all the balls. But it’s a blessing in disguise since there are almost always possibilities to improve your chances of conceiving a healthy child. Our approach to natural fertility is patient-driven and individualised to every woman and couple’s current health standard.


Using an integrative approach of blood testing, herbal medicine, nutritional supplements and lifestyle medicine, we provide our patients with the best chances of conceiving and carrying to full term. 


We’re here to help you optimise your fertility potential, pulling out all the stops to increase your chance of a family-filled future. If you are wanting to conceive, we’d love to become part of your fertility story.

Notice we don’t use the term trying because we know just as much as intention of wanting to thrive during pregnancy, the words you use are powerful too.

It’s good to know that both partners will require individual consultations for preconception care and fertility support. If you’d like to come in together, please email us requesting for a ‘double initial’; otherwise, it’s okay to come in at separate appointment times too.


If you are not a couple, we welcome you too. We offer support for singles on their baby journey & fertility preservation.


Why we need two consultations if you’re a couple


For starters, it takes two to tango, baby.


Let us tell you about the birds and the bees… Abundant health and fertility come from both sides, so we consider them equally to optimise fertility. We pride ourselves in taking a thorough, considered and holistic approach. Our multi-system method helps us find and address the root cause, empowering you through education and coaching for change.


A quick note


We often refer to a woman’s partner or mate in the masculine form for simplicity of writing. However, our intention is inclusive. We celebrate diversity. If your family looks different than the one we described, we hope you still see yourselves in our words. All families are received with gratitude; everyone is welcome at The Feel Good Society.



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