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Let's treat the cause, ​not just the symptoms. Naturally.

The Feel Good Society helps women fix their hormonal, health and digestive issues. Because they are almost always linked! It’s our mission that all women feel good in their bodies again, and learn the tools they need to heal themselves in the future.


Using the healing power of nature blended with traditional wisdom and contemporary science, it’s time to thrive and feel radiant in your body again!

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Your body has an innate intelligence and ability to heal itself, given the correct tools.


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The Feel Good Society was born from a passion to support women in every stage of life. Weaving the healing power of nature with evidence-based science. 


From menstruation to menopause, preconception care to postpartum, The Feel Good Society provides a nourishing and welcoming space for women to feel good - daily.

Within The Feel Good Society you will have access to your own personal health practitioner who is a distinction degree-qualified naturopath, additionally has connections to other health practitioner team members who have qualifications in IIN health coach, mindset facilitation practitioners plus published author. We specialise in the management of hormonal, health and digestive issues, such as anxiety, burnout, endometriosis, fatigue, fertility, hay fever,/asthma, IBS and eczema ~ to name a few symptoms we can support you with.

We are here to help you heal and feel incredible through expert guidance on natural medicine, diet and lifestyle. We work closely with you to ensure your treatment plan is fully personalised and designed to help you achieve your goals.


We can’t wait to work with you,

Suzzi Hartery

Enjoy my most loved client support tool!

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We are passionate about supporting woman and their loved ones on every level – physical, mental and emotional. Knowing that we are here to listen, that we care and that we are dedicated to help clients achieve their best outcomes on their health journey and wellness plan.


To overdeliver on TFGS values which have the following foundations: 



Ensuring we are providing you person-centred care that responds to your individual preferences, needs and values - taking your choices and health goals into account. 



We promise to provide evidence-based healthcare services and to ensure you feel heard and valued. Always taking the least invasive and most cost effective support approach. 



We will always seek ways to best serve you and operate in a way that gives back and positively impacts the world. That's why we offer in-person or zoom consultations. Our clinic is harmonised daily to the love and healing vibrational frequency and offers a comfortable and serene treatment room with lots of natural light. Additionally we are able to support you if you choose in the comfort of your own home. How good is all of this?!



We are registered members of Naturopaths & Herbalists Association of Australia and also the World Naturopathic Federation. Employing degree qualified naturopaths.


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As Women today, we face complex health challenges.

Understanding the root cause can achieve lasting health.

Hi, I’m Suzzi, Owner of TFGS Naturopathic Wellness Clinic.

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Being healthy can be challenging!

As women, we are faced with a new set of health challenges. We place a lot of pressure on ourselves to achieve. This can take its toll on our bodies: Our periods go missing, or become painful, we get bloated, tired, anxious and develop food intolerances, or struggle to fall pregnant.


We will utilise diet, nutrients and herbal medicine to overcome any symptoms, and we will happily work alongside your doctor if necessary.

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms?

Digestive problems
/ bloating

or overwhelm

Endometriosis PCOS, painful or late periods

Hormonal acne 
/ eczema

Anxiety, mood
swings or PMS

Thyroid issues
or fatigue

Weight gain / unable
to lose weight

or Infertility

Night Sweats
/ Menopause

Support your body - Naturally!™


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