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Ready to get your health on track?



Initial Consult

If you want to work 1:1 straight away this option is for you and is your first good step in towards your health goals. This consultation includes an in-depth and comprehensive review of your current and past health symptoms, diet and lifestyle insight evaluation plus a review of recent pathology testing you may have.


Consultation duration: 60-90 minutes depending on your case complexity

Available: online or in-person

You will leave with a comprehensive personalised treatment protocol with dietary and lifestyle suggestions and supplement schedule if required. You are also provided with a five day aftercare service to utilise. After this period a new appointment will be required.

*Note complex cases that go for longer will be charged accordingly, if complex please book in a discovery call first


Return Consult

In some circumstances, follow-up return consultations may be required. A return follow-up consultation is usually suggested two to four weeks after your first consultation. This, however, is incredibly personal. During your initial appointment, I will inform you of the possible necessities for your return consultation schedule. 


Your follow-up session will allow me to confirm that your treatment plan and medication are assisting you in accomplishing your wellness goals mentioned during your original consultation.

Consultation duration: 45-60 minutes depending on your progress

Available: online or in-person

To accommodate changing symptoms, your prescription and treatment plan may be modified. You are also provided with a three day aftercare service to utilise. After this period a new appointment will be required.


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Acute Consult

For new or existing patients to help you through an acute concern and symptom. These are not for complex or chronic/ongoing conditions.

Consultation duration: 20 minutes 
Available: online via zoom only

Existing clients only where treatment is currently being provided.

Included in your consultation is a personalised mini treatment protocol and supplement schedule.

If you’re not sure if an acute consultation is right for you, please contact me so that I can guide you in the right direction. 


Clarity Call

Have questions or prefer to have a quick chat before coming to a full consultation? This is the best place to start. This 15 minute discovery phone call helps to establish if we are the right fit for each other and to make sure I am the best practitioner for you! This consultation doesn't provide any treatment protocols or recommendations.


I will give you a call at the time you booked. At the end of the call I will either refer or recommend the best way for us to work together. Knowing at the very least you will have gained more information about your health :)


Wild Flowers

Aura Reading

Helping you vibrate higher daily. This experience is for new or existing patients to help you establish a base line of your energy, aura and charka levels through a personalised reading.


During this time you will get a detailed personalised report that we show your current chakra alignments, energy field levels and the balance of your masculine and feminine energy. Plus what your aura is saying about you.  

Consultation duration: 30 minutes 
Available: in-person only



Oh you good thing you!

Absolutely I can organise a gift e-card for you. Let me know if you would like it based on a value or a service amount. 

Simply send me a DM on IG or email using the button below with your request and details


Can be purchased online or in clinic.


Valid for 6 months from purchase date. 


Please note...

How do you dispense the herbs and other medicines? Prescriptions and pathological testing will be charged separately. Please inform me of any financial constraints you may have during your session so that I can tailor your prescription to your specific needs. I utilise an online prescription service called Vitaly upon accepting your treatment prescription an order will be placed and this usually takes 1-3 working days for delivery. If I decide to use liquid herbal medicine tinctures is required which are bespoke blends of liquid herbs that I formulate specifically for you based on your presentation and goals for treatment. I will mix this up for you from my clinic dispensary and post to you via Sendle or Aus Post ($6.00-$12.00) or have available to you to pick up in clinic at an advised time-frame. 


Ready to start?


Just click the ‘BOOK’ button to go to the bookings page or contact me via email with any other queries!

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